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Signs your child may benefit from Occupational Therapy (OT)

Signs your child may need OT

If you’ve ever wondered whether your  child may benefit from Occupational Therapy (OT)

then this is the post for you.

You or your child’s teacher may notice any of the following things:

  • Often bumps into objects, poor hand/eye coordination – if you notice your child often bumps into door frames/objects, falls over, has difficulty accurately pouring, catching a ball, this may be an indication that your child has reduced body/spatial awareness which can impact on successful engagement and performance in sporting, classroom and play activities.
  • Difficulty getting dressed, tying shoe laces, doing up buttons – If your child struggles to organize themselves to get dressed, has difficulty doing up buttons, zips or tying shoe laces an occupational therapist can help further develop your child’s fine motor and motor planning skills to help your child achieve independence in these daily activities.
  • Messy Backpack – this may indicate that your child’s organizational skills are not as defined as they could be and this can impact on their ability to complete the correct homework.
  • Reduced fine motor skills – If you notice your child is struggling to use scissors, hold a pencil, use crayons, colour and use glue, this may be an indication that occupational therapy could be useful.
  • Difficulty initiating and focusing on homework – if your child has difficulty focusing in class and at home, becomes distracted by visual stimuli, background noises and smells, this may also suggest that they have difficulty with attention at school impacting on classroom performance
  • Handwriting/typing issues – if you notice your child struggles to hold a pencil, write on the line, reverses letters, mixes upper and lower case letters, doesn’t leave enough spaces or adds to much space, has trouble forming the letters, remembering where the letters are on the keyboard, moving his/her fingers. An Occupational Therapist can help develop these skills.
  • Poor time management – Do you notice your child may have difficulty knowing how to plan and organize their time on homework, getting projects in on time and managing play activities with homework. A calendar/planner can help with time management, also an occupational therapist can help with providing additional strategies around organization and planning.

Improving your child’s skills in fine motor skills, handwriting, manual dexterity, organisation, body awareness and spatial awareness can help provide a solid skill base for enabling success and enjoyment in school.

An occupational therapist can help provide strategies and develop skills in all of the above areas to enhance school performance.

Contact Psychological Solutions Occupational Therapy team if you would like to book in for an occupational therapy assessment/intervention/advice on 07 3161 1635 or email admin@psychologicalsolutionsqld.com.au