Paediatric Occupational Therapy or OT for Children is the use of purposeful work, self-care and play activities to improve a child’s physical, sensory, emotional, social and academic skills.


OT helps children to develop to their full potential and supports families to gain independence in daily tasks such as eating, dressing & grooming.


Occupational Therapy develops children’s physical abilities, creative thinking & social skills which helps develop confident interactions and successful participation in play.


OT encourages and promotes a childs ability to take in and organise information, express their knowledge efficiently and work as independently as possible. The aim is often to ensure a child is attentive, organised and productive in their learning environments.

Sensory Integration & Processing Therapy is often used to assist children to experience the 7 senses, process that information and organise the appropriate behavioural response to sensory input so that they can live, play and learn to the best of their ability.